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And Argentina,maplestory mesos Brazil coach Dunga did not prepare smoking alcohol abstinence during World Cup, the players can live with their wives or girlfriends, not strictly limited. Brazil coach Dunga's theory is that doing so can make the ladies tied her husband's heart, "better than good players when the time comes to go out fooling around! ”

We can in South Africa stands and saw the likes of Kaka's wife Caroline Marie Belle, because her mother is CD Mission in Brazil's general agent, Caroline also served as the spokesperson of the CD at a local, so Kaka's wife has been very decent dressed, to his own understanding of fashion. In addition, Cesar wife, Suzanne, also attracts attention, and in 1998 she wore Brazil national flags in the stands cheering for then-boyfriend Ronaldo, 12 years later, as he will be Cesar wife appeared in South Africa stands. Now Suzanne, though he had 2 daughters were born, but remains very good.

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