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"Bild is even more pessimistic writes:" again failed to win, so we can't win Italy ... ... Loew, why can't we rewrite the record? ”Referred to in the sport Bild Germany last beat Italy, in 1994, cheap maplestory mesos in a friendly, Germany in Stuttgart's 2-1 victory over Italy. Note that this is just friendly. Because according to history statistics, Germany (including West Germany) and Italy history confrontation 30 field, Italy 14 WINS 9 flat 7 negative, only 45 ball lost 34 ball, but Italy lost off of 7 field game, all is in warm-up Shang, and in World Cup Shang, both played 5 times, Italy 3 WINS 2 flat, European Cup Shang both 2 times met are is in group game, 1988 Germany World Cup, both 1 1 war flat, 1996 is is 0 0 kicked flat. This on means with, in World contest in the, Italy on Germany of record is 2 wins 5 flat,mmoinbox occupy absolute of advantage certainly, currently of Italy also exists with difficult, less has two days of rest time is important point, Cassano of physical in and England of game in the has appeared has problem, and ahead of was replaced of Daniele de Rossi also admitted himself does injured has, "for injuries I very disappointed, hopes can in semi-final zhiqian recovery. "But Daniele de Rossi also denied his injuries are strains, and played for Germany are optimistic, Claudio Marchisio, said he used to be a penalty taker, but again due to injury reasons, rather took to the stage for showdown Joe Hart. In addition, Motta, and Giorgio Chiellini (microblogging) could return in time, and Italy against Germany a key factor.

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