fifa coinsItaly amidst WINS

3rd round of the group stage, a variety of battles, all kinds of regrets. Group c and group d face "sudden death" and "resurrection moments", fifa coins two teams of 8 teams only England's early exit, sad reminders of the "the three cats" Regiment, the last remaining "game of death" are not eligible to participate in Natal, Italy and Uruguay hand-to-hand. At present, Italy ranked 2nd in scoring advantage, Bao Wei was out of line. Uruguay is must won to entered 16 strong once upon a two field game view, both are has too more needs fill strong of place, Italy into 2 ball lost 2 ball, to defensive Kyo of Italy people to has Brazil yihou, Defender on has died in "beach Shang"; Uruguay opener now seems does not is upset lost to Costa Rica, but they in the Hou field does flawed, second field if not Suarez, may now cry of is they. Before this game, Italy de Rossi could miss came in an array of "bad news" is true or not is not important, important prandelli is ready to change, to play a three-man defence. This is an Italy regular formation for use in critical moments, pressure on both sides, and strangulation in midfield, controlling Luis Suarez and edinson CAVANI. Uruguay should not be too many changes, still relying on line is not particularly solid death carry, striker edinson CAVANI and Luis Suarez on waiting in the wings. 55 games, who have to be very cautious, I still be limited like Italy do not lose, 1:1 or 2:1Costa Rica and the England game not much significance, just enjoying the World Cup. This game may be on the bench, teams may now consider is who want to encounter when they qualify, and England are to fight for honor, it is recommended that this game does not touch, if it must be considered whether won or lost, England barely pick Greece and Ivory Coast played Greece only theoretical qualification hopes, but need to see other match ending.

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