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France's 23-man roster for age composition is very reasonable, only more than 33-year old veteran was substitute goalkeeper Landrau, other 4-bit 30+ veteran is fifa coins for xbox one Patrice Evra, Bacary Sagna, Franck ribery and Mavuba, but at the same time, players aged 23 and under 6 people (geleiniye, Mangala, and geliziman, and pogba and the mavalane as well as Etienne). Last team in South Africa only to stumble in the group stage of the team 6 (Loris, and Steve Mandanda, and Sagna, Patrice Evra, Franck ribery, and waerwuaina) will be set off Brazil lost chance of players, greater fame, including defense of Eric Abidal, Clichy, Pascal Lamy, midfielder Nasri, Yoann gourcuff, and Manor, attacking Al Gore metres and Gignac, and so on As main body of Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri is better, losing more because his previous discipline problems in the national team, he missed the Squad also leads to his girlfriend in the Twitter stream of France coach Didier Deschamps farce, gives the squad added a section for additional deprecated nasiligaoluxiong baked chicken management infighting began?

Lost star, Abidal: kidney transplant surgery has past two years more than, once was think will ironclad farewell Stadium of Abidal still no retired, 34 age of he this season for method methyl runner-up Monaco played 23 times, for of is can obtained again war world cup of opportunities, unfortunately, he of State obviously than mavalane, and koscielny, and Sacco, young, eventually lost also let countless admired its struggle spirit of fans ranged across Nasri: with Abidal different, 871 leader Samir at Manchester City this season, but the main force, contributed 34 League appearances with 7 goals, was active Blue Moon finished on top the Premier League officials, however, may have been his bad temper and undisciplined personality did not get recognized by Didier Deschamps, Nasri in France's position has always been more marginalized in the national team. For the March contest team, and unity is the fundamental guarantee for achievement, maybe from the side view, Samir does not go to Brazil or tactic: keep 4231? 433 instead?

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