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Despite Ochoa audience performance fabulous, repeatedly bashing out Netherlands team of threat shot, but in Robben of God acting before also is helpless in full with magic realism of South America City, total has large incredible of fifa 15 coins for XBOX 360 things occurred, like winner, a night of two field game, situation coincide to in final whistle Qian occurred has reversed: relies on Sneijder of long-range and Robben suspected fake fell earned to of penalty, Netherlands 2:1 scored Mexico; papasitasuopuluosi in added subsection 1 minutes of into ball, help Greece delay death, Push the match into extra time and a penalty shootout to battle it out. In the previous tournament, Greece was a stoppage time penalty 2:1 beat Ivory Coast qualify, Messi in the 91st minute shot from a copy of 1:0 victory for Iran, Switzerland substitute visits 2:1 in injury time reversal of Ecuador, Belgium relies on 88th minute aoliji goal 1:0 to repel Russia ... ... For Mexico and other victims, was winner of the taste bitter if coptis chinensis Franch. So, apart from Brazil against Chile at the lucky bar, and what tactics can be used to prevent other staged counter attack in the final minutes to avoid tragedies? South reporter Xu Xianqiang

An opposing player fell to the counterparty area, its severity less than strange old woman at your side, the refs not blew a penalty kick, which is a problem. Especially famous for Robben diving competitors, you have to raise a very vigilant in order to avoid trouble and to combat and speed comparable to usain bolt as a winger, Arjen Robben is sure to get plenty of chance for a breakthrough, you trying to get him to stop outside the restricted area was clearly impossible. Yesterday's match, Robben will have 3 chances to fall: first-half stoppage time, his two Mexico Defender attacks occur collisions down; 67th minutes after the break through the clouds, he collapsed in the area; the 92nd minute, after him from the right side dash area is Mexico Captain Marcos trip. Apart from the second is obvious "Fifa Coins, Buy Cheap Fifa 14/15 Coins Online With 100% Safe Payment - No Spam, No Bot!!" the other labeled twice, but it is difficult to let the referee make the right judgments between the Flash. It is said is not the first time "flops" referee watch the video saw that false negative penalty, to make up in the second half. In this complex situation, the Mexico players have to do apart from continuing to put pressure on the referee outside, always wary of Arjen Robben also let Robben fell early and try to avoid penalty in the final minute of the game, outside the lines, of course, this tactic in the NBA arena, called "early fouls" substitutions need to be cautious.

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