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Dot national soccer team training session 9 people lose interest in the last 1-World Cup qualifier

Men's soccer has two international matches in February, one in Changsha on February 22 and Kuwait's warm-up, one on February 29 with Jordan's Brazil World Cup Asian zone qualifiers. According to the Chinese Football Association's plan, cheap fifa coins ps3 and men's soccer on February 12 at the training camp in Qingyuan, Guangdong, China, 26 players for all training must be completed before February 12, at 18 o'clock arrived at the base in Qingyuan, Guangdong reported. But the Chinese Football Association did not expect is that when the specified time arrives, only include Hao junmin, Zheng Zheng, yuanweiwei, Feng renliang, Zeng Cheng, and Zhao Peng, Wu Lei, Yu Hai, Liu Jian 9 players to report for duty, men's soccer coach Jose Antonio Camacho and his coaching staff, as well as the Chinese national men's team's staff has more than reported. Before 12 o'clock until evening, Chen Tao, and Jin Jingdao, and Liu jianye, and Lu Peng, Jiang Bo, Yu Hanchao, Yang Xu, Heron and other players hurried to the base in Qingyuan, Guangdong reported for many players failing to report for duty, men's soccer coach Jose Antonio Camacho's face is not that good. Although the words it nothing much to complain, but the Spaniard is most difficult, in view of the many players late on February 13 to schedule training is unknown. Not only that, but even if all 26 players to align, the training of the men's quality will be compromised.

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